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Saturday, January 8

Inno Biologics Sdn Bhd

On the 5th January, Biotechnology entrepreneurship special training (BeST) program has held a field trip for its student to two bionexus companies under Biotech Corporation. Seventy five of us are divided into two groups where one group went to visit Inno Biologics Sdn Bhd (InnoBio) in Nilai and the other group went to Stella Gen Sdn Bhd in Gombak. I was sent to Inno Biologics with 36 others students. Arriving at InnoBio, we are given a brief introduction by Dr. Shivraj Dasari, the vice president of quality management and regulatory affairs. InnoBio main goal is to drive and advance biology business ventures for the nation’s economic growth. One of their aim is to encourage entrepreneurs among Malaysian. InnoBio is divided into three branches that are InnoBio biologics, InnoBio diagnosis and InnoBio innovation centre. InnoBio biologics specialises in mammalian cell culture technology and operates the state-of-the-art cGMP facility for the production of biopharmaceuticals. The facility is built to comply with European Medical Agency (EMEA) and United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulatory requirements. The main function of this company is to research, contract and manufacture. The contract includes operation for the development of therapeutic proteins. The company have obtained an award of biospectrum because of the emerging of the company in 2010. They also achieved major commercial milestone. The board of directors consist of Tan Sri Datuk Dr. Ahmad Zaharudin Idrus as the company’s chairman. There are 7 other board of directors that is Dato' Puteh Rukiah binti Abdul Majid, Dato' Dr. Muhamad Zohadie Bardaie, Datuk Dr. Megat Burhainuddin Megat Abdul Rahman, Dr. Kader Sultan Hj Ismail, Datuk Dr Ahmed Tasir bin Lope Pihie, Dato' Wan Adnan bin Wan Mamat and Dato’ Dr. Mohd Nazlee Kamal.

InnoBio is listed as a Bio innovation centre where now it is in the growing phase 3 where they are trying to develop more young entrepreneur in Malaysia. This company mainly provide services such as contract research, antibody development, humanization services, cGMP manufacturing, cell line development, protein expression, yield improvement, cell banking, process development, analytics and also scale up from non cGMP to cGMP. As an innovation centre, it also provide incubator for new company and also provide a fully loaded lab for rental. Other core competencies is on Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) where there are cell based diagnosis, cell based therapy and regenerative medicine. They also produce stem cell culture and differentiation and cell characterization. InnoBio also provide training, research, development and consultancy.

There are some differences between these two companies which are; InnoBio is speciallized in mammalian cell culture technology and operates the state-of-the-art cGMP facility for the production of biopharmaceuticals while Stella Gen Sdn Bhd speciallized in producing probiotics for animal health especially chicken. InnoBio Sdn Bhd offer services to other companies while Stella Gen involve in producing products. InnoBio offers services such as cell line development, antibody services, process development, cGMP biomanufacturing, training and contract research. Compared to InnoBio, Stella Gen producing products such as probiotics for chickens and process healthy chicken that have been given name Stellachicken. Not only that, InnoBio is a big and well established company compared to Stella gen which is smaller and grown up company. InnoBio also has customer globally while Stella Gen still focusing in Malaysian market. This is because InnoBio is well known company since this company has started their operation since 2002 and they had many workers that work for them. Compared to InnoBio, Stella Gen is a new company and not really well established and they just started operating since 2008 although they have started doing research in 2003. They have only few people that work for them which only 5 workers in Research and Develpment Departmant. Other than that, Stella Gen has to put so much effort in marketing their products because they had competitors that producing antibiotic. InnoBio does not has so much competitors in Malaysia compared with Stella Gen.

I think InnoBio will be sustained for the next decades since its reputation and services are good and well known. They collaborated with many big players such as CEVEC Pharmaceuticals GmbH, a German company specialising in the development of therapeutic proteins using a newly developed expression system based on human amniocytes, they are the member of MIT-Centre for Biomedical Innovation Biomanufacturing Alliance, as its show of support for collaborative efforts to foster innovation within the drug industry. Next, they cooperate with Boehringer Ingelheim to have non-exclusive access to Boehringer Ingelheim’s comprehensive manufacturing technology platform for biopharmaceutical production and InnoBio signed an agreement to license technology from the Cuba’s Centre for Molecular Immunology (CIM) to reduce the human anti-mouse antibody (HAMA) response in patients receiving chimeric antibodies.

In a nutshell, InnoBio will have great opportunities and bright future since it has recognize worldwide for their best services that they offer. From this visit, I gained more knowledge and prepare myself for employment soon in this industry. I hope there will be more visit to other biotechnology company in future.

Thursday, December 30

first module-conclude


Alhamdulillah..we just have completed the first module (communication module)..
All I can say is I'm very glad that I've sharpen up my communication skills, gain more knowledge about grooming, presentation, interview, negotiate, be a good leader, public speaking, business proposal, resume writing, and blogging..pheww...quite a few~~

I enjoyed this module so much..I bet all of us had great time during this module especially the session with the only Mr.Hisham Karim..hehe
He's the BEST trainer ever.. I hope in the future, he will be with us again!!

Not to forget the other trainers..Thanks for your thoughts and knowledge that you have shared with us.. Hope to see you all in one fine day, InsyAllah...

Last but not least, I hope this coming up module will be as fun as this communication module..


*this is me during Mr.Hisham's class - presenting the Advantages of food technology*

Wednesday, December 29

it's DONE!


Yesterday we had a BIG presentation on business proposal..
every group have done their best..all of us look professional due to the proper attire (business suit)

we have to present on t
he planning to start up a company including the organisational chart, staffing, budget, marketing plan, product, and long term plan.. Although it's new for me, but I gain new knowledge and I can use it one day during my employment..

The representative from SEED, Biotechcorp and Unirazak were attend this session and give some good comments on how the group presentation was done..

Lastly, before the class end, we had to switch our position in the class..
sadly, my group have to move to the back.. =(I don't really like to sit behind because it tend to make me lost of focus..

till we meet again..tadaa~~
p/s: our group (e.cOOL) have been mention as best dress (business attire) as well as McBio group..hehe
Entrepreneur-to-be : ainun, laila, zack, yunie, eera, firdaus, ayrin, wanie and akidah

Sunday, December 26


Hi n Assalamualaikum..

How u guys doing?? I hope u have a blast weekend with family or friends..
I just completed the budget for business proposal..and I hope it is good enough for them..*hopefully*

Hurm..just wanna share my thought about theater...
I just LOVE to watch theater sooo much!!!
the last show I've watch was Cuci the Musical was awesome! cool! superb! marvelous! nothing much to say! I enjoy it the most!!!
Definitely I will go to Cuci the musical 3 if there are any~~~

rate = 10 stars!!

Before that, I've watched Uda dan Dara..that was the first theater I've ever watch in Istana Budaya, IB..

rate = 6 stars~

The latest that I've watch is....Siti di Alam was yesterday night...
hurm..I was soooo excited...BUT unfortunately... it was so frustrating... ='(
it's not like what I expected...*sangat tak best okayyy!!!* huhu
(dah la nyanyi je keje..tapi tu blh terima sebab memang teater musikal..hurm..nasib baik ade Johan Raja Lawak ngn Ebby Yus.. mereka telah menyelamatkan keadaan...lagi pun banyak pelakon yang xda..mcm Datin Paduka Umie Aida + Ziela Jalil..dua2 memagang watak Permaisuri Katak..)

rate = 4 stars

why I like to watch Theater although the ticket is quite expensive??? it's simple..because......

I do like live that, we can actually know one's credibility of acting, dancing, and singing as well..
I hate when they like 'miming'...ouhhh please....we buy ticket to see them sing..LIVE okay..not just plastic okay~~ it's even worse when they were like lip-sing using other's voice.....???? is that embarrassed???

for example..Uda dan Dara..the hero (Razali Hussein) was lip-sing..pheww...fortunately he's using his own's acceptable...

while Siti di Alam Fantasi?????? the heroin (Liyana Jasmay) was lip-sing too..UNfortunately she's using a makcik's voice...!!!! tenn tenn tenn......arghhhh~~!! *tak malu ke??*

hurm..maybe she's afraid of her might make mistake or forgot the lyrics or what-so-ever..

That's all for tonight...till we meet again~!! c-ya!!!

p/s : who wants to watch Tun Dr Mahathir the musical?????jom jom!!

Thursday, December 23

do u like to negotiate???

HI n Assalamualaikum...

Today's class with Mr.Hisham... In the morning we had a public speaking session for the 11 students that r left... After that, He announce the 15 BEST speaker..and 2 of them are from my group (e.cOOL) that are Mr,Firdaus n Ms.Akidah..hee They were given a token of appreciation, that is Unirazak's notebook..

Then, we continue with today's module, that us 'The art of negotiation skills'
everyday in life we do negotiate..whether we realise it or happens..
for example when we want to buy something, we always want the cheapest price..right??
then we have to bargain..that is the example of negotiate..

there are many list of negotiation between people..such as mother vs father, teacher vs pupil, landlord vs renter, and so on~~~

I just want to share my story.. Last September my family and I went to night *almost every night actually* we went to night is similar to our pasar malam in Malaysia.. then my aunt wants to buy handbags.. she asked for lower price..50% less than the actual price.. then, the lady keep telling 'NO, cannot mam...' and Ok...we left, and walk to our hotel.. Suddenly, that lady was running and came to us and say 'OK OK...can can'
hahaha!!! It's that awesome??? My aunt get that handbags n the lady could sell her goods as's a win-win situation..

You just have to bargain nicely..

Choose the right time to buy..I mean..go to the pasar malam when it's about time to close..hehe then the seller will give u the price as u wish..because they want to sell their goods at least they can get some profit..

Do not show your full interest towards the thing u want to buy.. if not, the seller wont give any discount..hehe

Buat2 macam merajuk..just pretend to go away, and they will come back, begging u to buy..

okay then, catch u all later~~
p/s: here are some of my picture in Gu-Chi Tunnel.. =)

~~~~the end~~~~

Wednesday, December 22

fine tuning..

Assalamualaikum w b t..

Today we got a session with Cik Lah n Madam Nurliza.. it's actually the finishing touch-up to our business proposal that we had discuss before..we will be presenting this proposal on the 28th December 2010 (Tuesday).. so..this is the time to gather all the thoughts and brush up all the ideas..

Our group (e.cOOL) choose a health-care product called 'Phyto-mix yogurt'.. I have explain it before on my last entry on 13 Dec 2010 entitle 'Business Proposal 101'.... so u guys can read more about them there..


Hurm.. just wanna share with u guys.. yesterday we got a public speaking session with Mr.Hisham.. each n everyone of us was given a topic to talk about..and yet my topic is about Food Technology..

On and on..everyone has to present.. so after tea-break at 4pm, Mr.Hisham pointed at me! *hah! there u go~~* After the presentation, he commented on me..He says that I have to smile while presenting.. *hahaha.. macam mane nak senyum kalo tengah nervous???* and I looked nervous..pheww.. yes of course i'm nervous! Then he says that I have a nasal voice.. hurm...actually I'm having a flu.. so my voice sounds like sengau a bit.. it's like having a road-block in my nose..hehe... You know what I mean right...lalalala..

Before I end this entry.. here something I would like to share.. Donald Trump's says...
“Sometimes your best investments are the ones you don't make.”

okay then..catch u all later~~tadaa...

Monday, December 20

MOCKing bird - Eminem???

Hi all....hehe there's nothing to do with the title actually..but when come across with this word 'mock', definately i will remember the song called 'mocking bird' by a rapper - Eminem...

have YOU ever been interviewed before????

According to Merriam-Webster online dictionary, interview means a formal consultation usually to evaluate qualifications (as of a prospective student or employee) OR a meeting at which information is obtained (as by a reporter, television commentator, or pollster) from a person OR a report or reproduction of information so obtained.

Today class is all about MOCK interview..I just finish it with flying colors..hahaha *prasan je*... I'm doing quite okay since the interviewer is Cik Lah..He's an alumni of UKM..So..we more or less talk about UKM, but not to forget the aspect about proper interview..

First, you have to knock the door, then greet.. Then walk to the table/place for the interview..

Create a simple conversation by just saying ''Hi...Assalamualaikum..How do you do?''

Next, take a seat.. Place your file n resume on the table.. Smile..Look confident n be confident!!!

Project your voice clearly with good n proper english..

Tell about your background, family, study, sports and etc...

LAST but not least....Groom yourself well....put on some make up...yeah..please make up!! heeee

okay..catch u all later...tadaa~~